Egypt-Iran: The rapprochement continues

On the heels of various flirtations - a visit from Iran's foreign minister and a supposed visit from its intelligence chief - it now appears the thaw between Egypt and the Islamic Republic has entered its spring time. Today, Fars News reports, quoting Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, that President Ahmadinejad himself will be in Cairo on February 6.

The visit had been rumored for weeks, following Salehi's trip earlier this month, but now it is rather close to confirmed, barring some incident. It would be the first visit of an Iranian head of state to Egypt since the two countries broke relations following the 1979 revolution.

President Morsi has already visited Tehran, for a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement last August. There, he delivered a speech using notably strong language in support of the Syrian revolution, which some thought was meant as a jab at Iran. Yet the rhetoric appears to have done no serious damage.

Salehi also suggested yesterday that the next P5+1 talks on Iran's nuclear program should be held in Cairo.