Evan Hill is a researcher and writer focusing on the Middle East. 

He has lived in Egypt, where he reported for Foreign Policy, the Economist, the Atlantic, the Guardian, the Times, and others. Previously, as an online journalist for Al Jazeera English, he covered the Egyptian and Libyan uprisings.

His reporting in Egypt - from the Tahrir front lines to Mubarak's resignation - helped win an Online News Association award for breaking news. In Libya, he followed the revolt from the fall of Benghazi to the plight of trapped migrants in Tripoli. He helped cover the Syrian government's crackdown on dissent in 2011.

Prior to joining Al Jazeera in 2010, he covered crime and politics for the Recorder newspaper in San Francisco. He speaks Arabic and graduated from Northwestern University in 2007.

You can follow Evan on Twitter @evanchill and email him at ehilloffice (at) gmail (dot) com.